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170 gr.

piramide 170 PricklyPear.png

The Prickly Pear Syrup it is a sweetener made from an ethnic mexican fruit. The ancestors believed this fruit the heart that connects to heaven.

Bittersweet with fruity and herbal notes (characteristic of prickly pear), slightly caramelized.

Its high solubility makes it an ideal option to sweeten natural beverages.

Rich in vitamin A, B and C. Also minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron.

Its an ingredient that favors moisture retention in food formulations.

Improves digestive metabolism.

Food ingredient or sweetener.

Industrial Applications


It can be used as an ingredient
for dressing or sauce, providing 
sweet and sour taste.


Preparation of mixtures of different
drinks, which provides intense color in
the drink, also provides a sweet and
peculiar flavor.


It can be used as an ingredient
for any desserts, providing 
sweet and sour taste.

Table Syrup

Excellent sweetener for your meals

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